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A Beginning is a very delicate time…

Or it just could be rough and unthought about much.

I tend to overthink everything, so much so I have been pushed into inaction for too long now. The excuses of not enough time has been proven wrong over the last few months so…fuck it. I haven’t got a clear goal or end game here. I am just motivated to push forward and create something new.

Modes of mindsets are funny things. Once in the flow of creativity it becomes easy….getting there is the hard bit. Hourly reaching for that spark needs to be a consistent thing….and I am not a consistent creature. 

I am going to be reaching here for that spark.

Years ago I used ritual, spells, divination, sorcery and witchcraft to force my will on the world. I had a certain amount of success there, but I got complacent and lost the spark.

So I moved on to mind manipulation, hypnosis and NLP….otherwise known a Lessor Black Magic and worked through various shadow mental exercises, like the Qlippoth. It was worth it…I learnt lots and grew into something I never dreamed of becoming. But it took energy from the ‘real’ world and in the material world I fell from comfort and into transformation. It hurt lots… I retreated in painting furniture but that just held of the inevitable. 

So here I am, a few years later, dancing on remembered glory and lessons hard won. And I have won…I hope 😉

I have come full circle in that sexuality is back in my life. All the old lessons of Tantra and sex magic are now fresh and valid again. The dance has an experienced air but a hot fucking beat. 

Wanna dance with me again…..

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